I’m Back!

Is it for good?

I don’t know yet.

At the very least, this will serve as a quick update into what I’ve been up to.

It’s been almost a year since I last wrote.

It’s been a hell of a (almost) year filled with new experiences, new highs, new lows, new adversities, and new limits.

It’s been tough but I feel like I’ve grown tremendously.

I’ve learned new things about myself and about life in general. I’ve learned about what’s important and what isn’t.

I’m still trying to find my way but I’m getting there.

Life after we moved to Washington state is completely different from what life was like back in Florida.

We moved here with the promise that I’d have a position at a local HVAC company. That wasn’t to be.

I thought I wanted to brew beer professionally.

I thought I wanted to be a Professional Obstacle Course Racer and a competitive Crossfit athlete.

But I stayed in my comfort zone and my wife and I got jobs at an event rental company in Portland, Oregon. I won’t go into details but it was the most bullshit job I’ve ever worked. It was 6 months of pure agony.

There was a point in time where we almost moved back to Florida. It’s been difficult to be away from family but that’s slowly getting slightly easier.

I moved onto another event rental company but that lasted a little more than a month before sleep deprivation crept in and drove me crazy.

The pay was decent but at what cost?

While what I did for work wasn’t going well, at least my personal life has been the opposite.

I’ve met a lot of great people and I’ve been to a lot of interesting places. Portland is full of “character” and you never know what you’ll see.

I’ve been to Leavenworth, Washington. I floated down the river there.

I’ve been to The Dalles, Hood River, Stevenson, Eugene, and Sunriver.

I’ve been to raspberry orchards, pear orchards, cherry orchards, wineries, and Hops fields.

I’ve seen goats, llamas, alpacas, and horses.

I’ve seen rabbits and deer on my runs.

I’ve seen snow and I’ve seen wildfire smoke.

I’ve drunk more good beer than I can remember. I know way too many good coffee shops.

I’ve been to a Portland Timbers soccer game and Portland Winterhawks minor league hockey games.

I’ve worn my Birkenstocks out in public more than I’d like to admit.

I started Crossfit.

I saw tulip fields.

I went to a creamery.

I’ve played Cards against Humanity in our friends’ Cul-de-sac with their neighbors.

I’ve been to the beaches on the West Coast.

I’ve eaten local honey. I’ve been to u-pick farms.

I drank a free liter of beer for my birthday.

Not bad for someone who’s spent most of his life in Florida.

And the best part?

I’ve been able to experience all of this with my wife by my side. I would have never of had the courage to move across the country if it wasn’t for her.

There was some time where we doubted our decision to move so far away but those doubts have gone away.

This is where we belong.

The PNW is our new home.


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