3 Reasons Why it Pays to Get Married

You may or may not have read about how we were ballin’ on a budget when it came to our wedding in a previous post here.

It’s been a little over 2 months since we said those infamous 2 words, “I do,” and it’s been great so far. People say that things change once you’re married but that hasn’t really been the case for us. It’s actually brought us closer and it’s been a lot of fun. All the pressure of when we’re gonna get married, how we’re gonna get married, how much it’ll cost us, etc is gone.

We don’t have to worry about those things anymore and we have only the rest of our lives to think about. I can’t wait.

Clearly our wedding wasn’t all about the money. We spent less than $2,000 for the whole gig.

And surprisingly, getting married is actually saving us money! Who knew?!

How is that even possible?

Health Insurance

Well, apparently insurance companies love them some married couples!

According to my health insurance company, my wife used to be my “domestic partner” but now she’s officially my “spouse” to them. Hells yeah!

I’m not really sure why but I guess “spouses” are less risky to insurance companies than “domestic partners.” Because of that, I’m not taxed as heavily as I was on my paychecks anymore.

My pre-tax deductions are down about $72 a paycheck which is a savings of a little more than $2,000 over the course of the year.

That’s a nice chunk of change that we weren’t thinking we’d get when we decided to get married.  This savings basically paid for our wedding and then some. I’ll take it!

Car Insurance

Next up is our car insurance. You guessed it, being considered “spouses” instead of domestic partners is going to save us some money here as well. Our car insurance is stupid high because we both have newer cars that have loans on them (doh!) but this change will save us $205 over the next 6 months compared to our old policy. I know premiums can go up and down but for simplicity’s sake let’s just multiply this by 2 and we save $410 over the course of the next year. Score!


Tax season isn’t upon us for another 6 months or so but I’m sure we’ll be seeing some savings then too. Be sure to check out a follow-up post around then to see how it pays to get married when it’s tax time!

Please don’t be stupid and think that getting married just to save money is a good idea.

It isn’t. Plus I’m sure paying for divorce is a bitch.

If money was the reason I got married, then I would have found myself a sweet, old sugar momma whose about to kick the bucket and hates all her family members. (Hi Honey!)

Money was far from the reason why we got married but all these savings sure are sweetening the deal and are helping us get our marriage started on the right foot!

Have you had similar luck with savings when you got married? I’m curious to see if you’ve had similar windfalls.

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