The Plan vs. My Reality

It’s interesting how life works out, isn’t it? Things usually never go to plan. But then again, how boring would it be if things always worked out the first time?

Well, lets compare my plan and what my reality is in my current predicament and we’ll go from there.

The Plan:

  • Finally graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance at the beginning of May, 2015.
  • Quit my job at a major bank where I had almost 3 years of tenure shortly after that.
  • Start a summer internship at a major life insurance company at the end of May and go from there.

My Reality:

  • 25-year-old male with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance.
  • A couple of years of entrepreneurial experience.
  • Almost 3 years experience working at a major bank.
  • Applications filled out and resume submitted to over 75 job openings.
  • Andddd no job.
  • I have a fiancée, car payment, mortgage payment, and the most bad ass pug that’ll give Doug the Pug a run for his money.
  • We have about 6 months saved up if all of our expenses stay the same and I bring in $0 income.


The Goal:  Thankfully, I have a very supportive fiancée, without whom I wouldn’t be able to take advantage of this awesome opportunity. It took me a total of 8 years to get my degree and I’ve been working at a job that’s meh for almost 3…and for what? To start a career? To have a stable income? To be able to retire in 40ish years? I’ve been busy….busy living in the rat race. For the past couple of years its been wake up, go to work, go to class, eat, shower, shave, go to bed, repeat. I finally have the opportunity to control my time. After all, its our most valuable and precious commodity. I don’t want to get all touchy feely but you can always get more money but you can never get back the 40 hours a week and the stress and frustration that went along with your job.

If you like your job, congrats. That’s awesome that you’re happy. If you hate your job, can’t get a job even though you have a degree and what not, or if you just want to be your own boss then this blog is for you.

Soooo what’s the goal?

The goal, first and foremost is to be happy. The second is to control as much as my time as possible. I’d much rather grind and hustle my ass off instead of working for someone else again. I want to live my life by my rules, not someone else’s. The third goal is to profit $1,000 each month doing whatever I can to make that money. This is basically what we need to pay all of our bills and save some money as well. Again, without my fiancée’s support, financially, and all other ways, I wouldn’t be able to take this chance.

To me, there’s much less risk in trying to go at it on my own than applying for jobs and relying on someone else for my paycheck. Please note that I’m still continuously searching for and applying to open finance positions, but I’m not putting all my eggs in one basket sitting, hoping, and wishing for something to come up.

If something were to come up, then that’s great and I’d probably take it because of my financial responsibilities. It would be a means to an end but it’s not the end goal. You better believe that I’ll still be trying to build other streams of income outside of work.

Tools to help me reach my goal:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Finance – Doubt this will be much help for anything but I wasted 8 years of my life chasing this damn thing so I might as well include it here.
  • Almost 3 years working at a major bank – It used to be fun at the beginning before corporate bullshit got in the way. I did learn a bunch though such as how to interact with clients, deal with money, work in a team, etc.
  • 4ish years of being an entrepreneur – I dealt with every aspect of a business. The most useful part will be creating a business infrastructure, budgeting, and interacting with customers/potential clients/etc.
  • A plethora of failed/never started/just cool idea business ideas – Something could be useful here. Might try to start up some of these to make some money.
  • Trying to play professional soccer – It was the hardest time of my life but the most worth it. I can now look back and say that I tried it instead of being like just about everyone else and wondering “what if?”
  • My unconventional education – What do you do when you drop out of school and all your friends left home to go to school? You read a shit ton of books. A complete list of the books I read is in the works.
  • A blog on Tumblr – This is leftover from my most successful business. I’m considering creating a similar business to the one we had so this could be a good place to bunch around ideas, network, etc.
  • My fiancée and my dad – My fiancée knows me better than anyone and she can share an outsider’s perspective on how things are going. My dad used to be my business partner so he shares similar views. These 2 will be my think tank.

What’s your current situation like? Anything like mine?


Want to get started but don’t know how? Lucky for you, here’s where we can get started together.


  1. I’ve never be same thing for fifteen years!! Trying to create a life fur my family but I spend more time at work than I do at home or with my family. Life has passed me by because I have to be at work in order to keep on living! But I’m older and I hope wiser and I have to make a change now!!


    • Thanks for your comment! My dad had the same dilemma. He worked so much trying to better our lives but he was hardly around. He also wanted to start his dream business but the timing was never right. It’ll never be right so he went ahead and just did it. It’s difficult to juggle all of your responsibilities but its not impossible. Even putting aside 30 minutes a day starting or creating a business will get you results eventually. It all depends on how bad you truly want it. There’s no better time than now! I’m here for you if you need anything!


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